California Utilities Rebate Programs

Since being added to the PF&G Qualified Products List in January, 2015, CWS HVAC CHIP has been included as a component in multiple HVAC Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs offered by California utility companies including P.G. & E., S.C.E., S.D.G & E., S.C.G. and others.  CWS HVAC CHIP modules have been specially designed for compatibility with all major HVAC equipment makes and models and techniques are developed for installations at both the Air Handler Unit and at the Thermostat making them user friendly for both the HVAC professional and “do it yourself” business or home owners.  Please check with your local utility for available rebate programs.

CWS  HVAC  CHIP is Your Best Choice Among Smart Fan Technology(SFTs) for the PG&E AC Quality Care Program and other Rebate Programs throughout California.  Simply Compare Facts!

  CWS 8THEM-0006X Fan Delay B Fan Delay C
Lowest Cost Per Unit YES NO NO
Five Year Replacement Warranty YES NO NO
Less than .0003% Failure YES NO NO
Effective in Cooling Mode YES YES YES
Effective in Heating Mode YES NO NO
Military Grade Tested YES NO NO
Compressor On / Off Option YES NO NO


Out-performs its competitors.  Not only does it automatically extend the fan run time with every cycle resulting in proved savings of 12-15%, but it is the only smart fan technology that offers the option to rest the compressor for five minutes any time it runs for thirty minutes consecutively. This function is especially effective when, in the summer heat, compressors seem to run endlessly.  Our product is made to military grade specifications and has a   failure rate of less than . 0003%.  We offer a five year replacement warranty and our own technician to handle any product failure issues / callbacks.

We usually ship within three days of receiving your order, via commercial ground from our factory in Orange, California.

Ask about our “Blanket Order” program enabling placement of a three month advanced  order at the lowest cost per unit and pay as delivered.  CWS will store your inventory, deliver it and invoice for it as needed with thirty days net terms…OAC.  Add shipping cost and applicable taxes. Offer available only to officially listed HVAC Contractors in the PG&E AC Quality Care Rebate Program for residential energy efficiency.

OAC, we offer 30 day net terms.  Customers may also choose to pay via major credit cards