Documented in Utility Commissioned Work Papers



HVAC-Chip-Commercial-wNickelCWS HVAC CHIP, Hvac Smart Chip and other SFT (Smart Fan Technology) devices are built for residential installation at the HVAC unit air handler or at the thermostat. These devices are not robust enough for commercial / industrial central HVAC systems most often installed on rooftops where ambient temperatures often reach over 130 degrees F. These HVAC systems’ 24V AC transformers may drive load levels that create large current spikes. They may also drive other boards including defrosters, special fan boards, etc. The newly introduced CWS 8THEM-0006 (Rev. D) is an industrial grade, highly reliable efficient fan controller designed to operate with large tonnage Compressors / Heat Pumps.


Work papers published by Sempra Utilities, S.D.G.& E., P.G.&E. and others show substantial savings achieved through Smart Fan Technology. C.W.S. now provides comparable savings to those achieved in residential energy efficiency programs to commercial energy consumers. C.W.S. patented algorithms intelligently predict and signal optimal fan extension run time for each cycle independently. It stores and computes the compressor ON and OFF cycle data over an extended period of time and adjusts the fan extension times automatically based on continuing data interpretation. This efficient recovery of otherwise wasted energy left in the compressor cooling coils and duct system results in a more cost effective system and increased comfort.

In any commercial or industrial HVAC system, external air is partially drawn into the building as required by California codes. This can rapidly increase the building temperature if the fan extension is allowed to run blindly for too long. Our patent pending technology enables CWS-8THEM-0006 (Rev. D) to reduce fan extension time, when appropriate, based on the outside air temperature. CWS-8THEM-0006 (Rev. D) also includes:

  • A feature disallowing fan extension during heat pump operation in cold weather
  • Has a front end electrical noise filter
  • Uses high temperature rated components
  • Has sets of highly reliable latching relays
  • Does not consume energy when latched in either the ON of OFF positions
  • The module is potted for moisture, dust proofing and prevention of damage from hostile elements
  • Manufacturer tested to military grade specifications

These features all result in decreased electrical energy consumption and system safety.